Medic 32

This is our 2015 Ford F-450 Type 1 unit with an Excellance manufactured box. This is a Advance Life Support unit equipped with heart monitor/defibrillators and drug boxes. It has radio and cell phone communications with the area hospital emergency departments so physicians may order life saving medications and procedures for patients during transport to the hospital. This increases the patient’s chances for a favorable outcome.

Medic 33

Car 30

Squad 3

This is our custom built 1996 International 4800 4×4 Rescue unit or “Crash Truck ” with an Excellance manufactured box. It carries equipment for stabilization of overturned vehicles and extrication of trapped patients. It has a generator and emergency lighting to safely illuminate night time crash scenes. This vehicle also has ropes and shoring blocks for specialized rescues and extra stretchers and medical supplies to treat multiple patients at large incidents.