Basic Ropes Training

Each month we have some form of training. We went over five of the more important knots along with how and when to use them. Many thanks to our Instructor and Life Member Bobby Haynes.

Mock DUI Demonstration 2008

Mock DUIEvery year during prom season one of the high schools host a demonstration showing the possible outcome of drinking and driving. This is one from Hidden Valley High in 2008.

Squad Training in the Junk Yard

junk yard 1We had the opportunity to go to a local salvage yard and practice our extrication techniques used during motor vehicle wrecks. Some of the tools we use are special struts to stabilize vehicles, reciprocating saws, hydraulic rams, cutters and the Jaws of Life.

Training with Company 3

company 3 training  292A great opportunity to train with our brothers and sisters at Company 3. At this training we learned what we could to assist them on their calls, such as changing air tanks, scene size up and how the trucks are organized. Some of us even climbed Ladder 3.

HTR Training at Sleepy Harris’ Curve

htr 162HTR stands for Heavy Tactical Rescue. This training included the use of ropes, search & rescue, treatment of the patient and extrication of the patient.